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Cold Glues / Wood Glues

BRUMMER COLD GLUE is a wood glue of medium viscosity having excellent wet tack combined with good open time.

The adhesive dries semi-transparent and is hardly noticeable on light coloured woods. It is easily sanded without softening. The adhesive is supplied in a ready to use form and should be used without dilution.

It may be used in industrial production for gluing dowels, joints, tendons, solid wood, laminated boards and general furniture manufacturing yielding a creep resistant bond of good strength.

By means of brushes, hand rollers or gluing machines. The adhesive should be stirred before use and not be used below 5°C. (It is essential that the wood has an even moisture content of about 10% and has achieved equilibrium with the ambient climate conditions before attempting to glue.)

When the adhesive is used for laminating, it should be applied evenly to one surface at about 150g/sq.m. The surfaces should be joined and pressed at about 2-3kg/ for 30 min. When hot pressing do not exceed 120°C. Press time should be 45 minutes. Any excess adhesive due to squeeze out should be removed whilst wet. Tools and brushes should be cleaned immediately with water.

Since wood gluing is highly dependent on the type of wood, density, grain structure, porosity, moisture content, as well as ambient climate conditions, the adhesive should be evaluated under operating conditions and the above guidelines are only offered as a basis for evaluating. E.g. greater wood porosity will necessitate increasing the quantity of adhesive applied to the joint whilst denser timber would require increasing the clamping pressures.

BRUMMER COLD GLUE is available in the following sizes:

07HZ Brummer Cold Glue 125ml Shrink Wrap 10
07HB Brummer Cold Glue 250ml Shrink Wrap 10
07HC Brummer Cold Glue 500ml Shrink Wrap 10
07HD Brummer Cold Glue 1 Lt Each
07HF Brummer Cold Glue 5 Lt Each
07HG Brummer Cold Glue 25 Lt Each
07HA Brummer Cold Glue 200 Lt Each

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