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Tips to find ...

Searches are not case sensitive, i.e. searching cape town or Cape Town will give the same results.

Basic search option

  • Enter text in the space provided. Then click on the GO button.
  • Searches for any text you enter across most categories on the database.
  • Ideal to produces the most results.
  • The more characters you enter the more specific the results will be.

Guided search option

  • Quick lookups on Area, City, Posal Code and Province.
  • Select any item from the list and click the GO button to view the results.

Advanced search option

Search by field
  • First select a field from the drop-down list, and enter text in the space provided. Then click on the GO button.
  • This searches the entire database according to the term you entered and limits the search to a specific field.
  • Under Select a field, note the following options:
    • All: searches across all the fields in the list, i.e. Organisation, Postal Address, etc.
    • Ref ID: searches for the unique reference ID associated with the Organisation.

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